About TheGCCcoin

TheGCCcoin is an innovative and unique generation of Bitcoins. It shows the PoS (proof of stake) in a completely new light. TheGCCcoin serves as hybrid cryptocurrency generated through PoW (proof of work). Bearing in mind the breathtaking 2,4 billion GCC coins (maximum amount of PoW coins) created at several stages by retargeting every new block in the chain, TheGCCcoin is streets ahead of other cryptocurrencies!

Network & Pre-mining

TheGCCcoin has pre-mined coins at its disposal to lay a solid foundation for the open source code designed for individual wallets. Inflation 2% after all coins mined


Blocks reward:
1->60480 is 102 000 TheGCCcoins,
60480-> up to the end is 14 000 TheGCCcoins
Block time is around 60 sec due to reduced time of loading memory and other resources.


PoS min age 3 days
PoS max age 9 days
Age Maturity / Maximum Stake Age: Unlimited.
Annual Interest is: 0.10% - 0.12% PoS. We have a PoS-PoW hybrid, in the same phase, which works in parallel with other cryptocurrencies.
Due to our new advanced algorithm script X-13 and our hashing algorithm we are new revolutionary cryptocurrency.


RCP port: 5548 / 5549
P2P port: 57603 / 57604

TheGCCcoin Wallets

Available soon...

TheGCCcoin details

Block Time Speed

Our cryptocurrency concept is used as a regular method of payment and transaction time is a crucial factor for our users. So as to reduce the loading time of memory and other energy resources, our block time has been limited to 60 seconds. TheGCCcoin may pride itself on the fastest block time in the world.

PoS minting

In order to mine PoS blocks, you should keep your coins in a wallet client or coin daemon. Coins begin to mint if they are held in a wallet that is not encrypted, namely connected to the network once it reaches its maturity date (3 - 9 days in our TheGCCcoin).

Coin Age

Coin blocks age is vital to successfully staking. The age of the coin block is measured depending on the stake weight. Stake weight is calculated by multiplying the amount of coins held in a single block by the number of days that have passed. Keeping more coins in one coin block will increase the stake weight and therefore will be more likely to stake close up to ten days. This data relies on simple arithmetic calculations.

PoW/PoS Security

You should bear in mind that the PoW alone can be prone to 51%attacks. A 51% attack takes place when a node or a network of nodes can achieve over 51% of the network hashing power with regard to a particular coin and therefore be able to control the security level of their coin. This allows for dual transactions, chain forking, and other damaging attacks. So as to launch a 51% attack on the PoS coin, the attacker needs both 51% of the network hash and a high percentage of the network stake weight. This poses a significant obstacle to potential attacks as the attacker would need to acquire the coins in some way, either by spending a lot of hashing power or by buying them. An attack on a PoS coin would not be interesting for the attacker because it would damage the coin.


0.024% for the whole network from every transaction made worldwide on one of our portals.

0.024% from every purchase is meant to support green solutions, e.g. planting trees, saving the wildlife and reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

0,040% + 0,000001 coins fee is alloted to the development of TheGCCcoin and Ecosystem24.


The reward per mined block is 0.01 to the miner


GCC environment

TheGCCcoin reflects the revolution of cryptocurrencies. It is believed to become a method of payment used on a daily basis for regular shopping! It even lets you buy a cup of coffee! TheGCCcoin is supported by full-time developers, who develop the functionalities of the coin and our community. Making sure that the stability of TheGCCcoin ecosystem is preserved is our key to success. We have the privilege to cooperate with a network, which recommends and promotes this amazing cryptocurrency internationally.