Our mission is to change the way people buy and produce every day goods and services.

By decentralizing production, logistics and payments, we will contribute to the environment and people.


GCC – a decentralized, green cryptocurrency-for everyday use and micro-payments. Has the long-term energy efficiency of proof-of-stake minting.

Each time you use it, you support our planet.


GCC is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency that is designed to be used for all services(ecosystem – different startups) provided by the GCC Group and 3D Printing Points. GCC also can be used to pay for any other services provided by other business entities. GCC will generally not limit the usage of GCC or the types of business entities that would like to use GCC for their business.

Our idea is to build a community behind GCC together that’s why we also created a referal program which is called GCC Shop Club to make us expand even faster. Every company that is looking towards the future knows how important cryptocurrencies will be in future transactions. GCC Shopclub is the vehicle to promote themselves as a leading company/business accepting GCC coins as an alternative way to pay for goods and services, and it is also a great source of passive income for everybody who contribute.

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We are in the process of creating 24 internet portals giving access to the most popular products and services using our cryptocurrency – Global cryptocurrency – during the development phase, other currencies will also be accepted.

Paying with Global cryptocurrency will afford you attractive discounts!

Our flagship project of Ecosystem24, 3D PrintPoints is accepting Global cryptocurrency payments!

Our new product which is coming in 04.2018 will revolutionize Crypto industry.


the world how to implement and benefit from using Global cryptocurrency as a payment method. It is not our intention to be the only operator of every single portal that accepts the Global cryptocurrency. To the contrary – we love decentralisation – this is why we have developed our MERCHANT PLATFORM – which is ready to be implemented to unlimited businesses to accept our coin worldwide! he Merchant Platform already has functional


modules – but it’s just the beginning – our full-time development team will help you to implement our payment gateway to any system – for free!

GCC and concept is creating a new economy, it is not only a currency. We are actively supporting global acceptance and are building GCC market – by creating both sales and demand!


1. download our wallet and start minting
2. use our online web-wallet on any device you like
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3. go to Cryptopia to get some GCC
4. keep an eye on latest GCC exchange rate on your GCC Ticker Android App
5. get ready to pay with GCC on the first portal with our Merchant Platform soon!
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We are a group of creative professionals and enthusiasts of new technologies, who decided to make our planet a better place while making our dreams come true! The Founder, Owner and CEO of the company behind GCC, Jan M. Pasboel, is an accomplished business entrepreneur. He has been in manufacturing and International business operations since 1990. It was his vision to create a Community of people around a future in 3D printing. His brother has been building, researching and developing 3D printers since 2009 and has been teaching youngsters about 3D printing for the last few years. Our head office and 3D printing R&D center is based in the center of the Europe – Poland. You’re very welcome to visit us, if you like!



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Mission statement, coin specification, achievements and goals, roadmap, team and other comprehensive information about Global Cryptocurrency. Get familiar with the GCC concept as we progress toward global acceptance.



is donated to green solutions, e.g. planting trees or saving wildlife


Thank for your transactions we already donated projects like:
1. Turtle Foundation, Zum Keltershof 12, 50999 Koln
2. Rewilding Europe
3. Me for Africa
4. Orangutan Foundation International
sharing = caring!


We are a company that cares about the natural environment. We successfully combine running a business with protecting nature and, therefore, we have come up with a perfect solution.

Emission of CO2 from energy consumed to mine coins through wallets, is neutralized by transferring the equivalent value to a GREEN WALLET which is then used to protect forests and plant new trees!



The largest part of the transaction fee: 0,040% goes to a Green Wallet. Collected coins are redistributed to environmental organisations, which you will be able to choose by voting! By using Global cryptocurrency you help to minimize the negative influence on the Earth’s natural ecosystem!


We have implemented environmentally friendly minting – instead of power and resource hungry mining. There is no guarantee of achieving coins when mining, but by minting, you can receive an attractive guaranteed % of coins you hold in your GCC wallet. You benefit without being a computer whiz! See details in the technical specs section.

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polygon-dec 2016
  • CEO Global Business Tour
  • 3D Print Points beta version launched
  • Launch of online shop offering 3D equipment and software
polygon-dec 2017
  • Wallet application
  • GCC goes to the first public exchanges (Nova Exchange, C-CEX)
  • Online WebWallet
  • CEO Global Business Tour continues
  • Bitcointalk.org release
  • Merchant Platform launch
  • 3D Print Points - Ecosystem24 flagship portal launched
polygon-dec Q1.
  • The first GCC 3D Café opens up. The hybrid worldwide franchise concept launch GCC 3D Cafe.com
  • BitFreezer integration and partnership
  • Launch 3D Bay24 + Merchant integration
  • Launch GCC Beauty + Merchant integration
  • Launch GCC Vitality + Merchant integration
  • Launch GCC Coffee + Merchant integration
  • Launch GCC Spot + Merchant integration
  • New exchanges listing (Cryptopia, OctaEx)
polygon-dec Q2.
  • GCC SIM card website + Merchant integration
  • Launch transaction fee sharing website integrated into new block explorer
  • Applications to new exchanges
  • Launch BitFreezer wholesale service for ICOs with referral programme
  • Launch CleanKit product website + Merchant integration
  • GCC Android and iOS wallet app release
  • Source code updates, adding masternodes, rewrite Proof of Stake, general wallets update and fixes
  • Marketing Phase 1
polygon-dec Q3.
  • Opening new GCC 3D Café localizations
  • GCC Web Wallet Multicurrency + Multilanguage
  • GCC Light Wallet
  • GCC ShopClub new version with referral programme
  • GCC iOS and Android wallet app integrated with location based airdrop
  • GCC Ambassador web service
  • GCC 3D Café masternode
  • Launch GCC Tech + Merchant integration
  • Marketing Phase 2
polygon-dec Q4.
  • Opening new GCC 3D Café localizations
  • Merchant final upgrades
  • Merchant global expansion
  • 3D PrintPoints 2.0 Blockchain Edition project starts
  • Marketing Phase 3
  • Many more to come...

Global cryptocurrency Wallets

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IMPORTANT: Please backup your wallet.dat file before making any wallet update

Wallet version - latest


IMPORTANT: Please backup your wallet.dat file before making any wallet update

Wallet version - latest


IMPORTANT: Please backup your wallet.dat file before making any wallet update