Our mission is to change the way people buy and produce every day goods and services. By decentralising production, logistics and payments, we will contribute to the environment and people.


Global cryptocurrency – a decentralised, green cryptocurrency - for everyday use and micropayments. It is eco - friendly and designed “by the people for the people”.

Each time you use it, you support yourself and our planet.


– real people’s money!

This exceptional feature makes Global cryptocurrency probably the most attractive coin in the world!
Transaction fee is set to be among the smallest in the world:

0,088% + 0,000001 GCC fee is charged each time Global cryptocurrency is transferred.
Those transaction fees are redistributed in the following way:


is donated to
green solutions,
e.g. planting trees
or saving wildlife


of transaction fee goes back
to thousands of people,
who believe
and shared our vision at the early
stages and helped us to develop and
introduce Global cryptocurrency worldwide


is meant for company R&D purposes,
especially developing Ecosystem24
portals, implementing the merchant
platform worldwide and marketing activities

sharing = caring!


We are a company that cares about the natural environment. We successfully combine running a business with protecting nature and, therefore, we have come up with a perfect solution.

Emission of CO2 from energy consumed to mine coins through wallets, is neutralized by transferring the equivalent value to a GREEN WALLET which is then used to protect forests and plant new trees!


The largest part of the transaction fee: 0,040% goes to a Green Wallet. Collected coins are redistributed to environmental organisations, which you will be able to choose by voting! By using Global cryptocurrency you help to minimize the negative influence on the Earth’s natural ecosystem!


We have implemented environmentally friendly minting - instead of power and resource hungry mining. There is no guarantee of achieving coins when mining, but by minting, you can receive an attractive guaranteed % of coins you hold in your GCC wallet. You benefit without being a computer whiz! See details in the technical specs section.


We are in the process of creating 24 internet portals giving access to the most popular products and services using our cryptocurrency – Global cryptocurrency – during the development phase, other currencies will also be accepted. Paying with Global cryptocurrency will afford you attractive discounts!

Our flagship project of Ecosystem24, 3D PrintPoints will soon accept Global cryptocurrency payments! We’re also ready with GCC Travel – where you can find the best holiday offers! Each time transactions are made on these portals – transaction fees are shared to help our planet and people worldwide!


Ecosystem24 is a group of our own portals – created to show the world how to implement and benefit from using Global cryptocurrency as a payment method. It is not our intention to be the only operator of every single portal that accepts the Global cryptocurrency. To the contrary - we love decentralisation – this is why we have developed our MERCHANT PLATFORM - which is ready to be implemented to unlimited businesses to accept our coin worldwide! he Merchant Platform already has functional Prestashop and Wordpress modules - but it’s just the beginning - our full-time development team will help you to implement our payment gateway to any system – for free!

The GCC coin and concept is creating a new economy, it is not only a currency. We are actively supporting global acceptance and are building Global cryptocurrency market – by creating both sales and demand!


The CEO of Global cryptocurrency - having been in traditional manufacturing and international business operations since 1990, decided not to create an ICO, but to introduce Global cryptocurrency to the market his own way. He travelled extensively and met face-to-face to establish long term relations with those who shared our vision and mission - and would help us grow worldwide.

During the 1st and 2nd phase of Global cryptocurrency redistribution, we have already reached outstanding global coverage! We have active Global cryptocurrency and 3D technology supporters and enthusiasts in over 98 countries who share knowledge about our concept among many others businesses and individuals in their countries. Global cryptocurrency itself has already found it’s enthusiasts in over 118 countries!

Distributed 489.103.684 GCC 56%
To be distributed 225.878.354 GCC 26%
Company development 155.500.000 GCC 18%
Green wallet 8.640.000 GCC 1%
TOTAL 879.122.038 GCC 100%
CIRCULATION 497.743.684 GCC 57%
225,9 million GCC
489,1 million GCC
155,5 million GCC
8,6 million GCC

israel, italy, norway, finland, new zealand, united arab emirates, belgium, saudi arabia, aland islands, czech republic, albania, austria, hungary, turkey, bangladesh, singapore, sweden, switzerland, china, greece, iceland, malaysia, russian federation, spain, bosnia and herzegovina, cameroon, iraq, japan, sri lanka, taiwan, province of china, zimbabwe, american samoa, andorra, barbados, bulgaria, kenya, lebanon, lithuania, samoa, slovakia, bahamas, bahrain, british indian ocean territory, burkina faso, cyprus, faroe islands, georgia, indonesia, iran, islamic republic of kuwait, lao people's democratic republic, mali, mexico, oman, panama, portugal, puerto rico, qatar, somalia, suriname, swaziland, tanzania, united republic of thailand, togo, tunisia, uganda, virgin islands, u.s., wallis and futuna

GCC Ambassador Programme
– coming up soon!

It’s time to start the 3rd, the last phase of the company’s coin distribution and boost global awareness, especially via the internet and social media. Limited coin packs are being prepared for people who decide to share our vision and mission and would like to support our development. Help us grow – share the information about our concept and get a lifetime transaction fee sharing feature directly to your wallet! Sharing4sharing, cause sharing is caring!


Block Time Speed

Our cryptocurrency concept is used as a regular method of payment and transaction time is a crucial factor for our users. So as to reduce the loading time of memory and other energy resources, our block time has been limited to 60 seconds. Global cryptocurrency may pride itself on one of the fastest block time in the world.

PoS minting

In order to mine PoS blocks, you should keep your coins in a wallet client or coin daemon. Coins begin to mint if they are held in a wallet that is not encrypted, namely connected to the network once it reaches its maturity date (only 24h!).

PoS minting

Coin block age is vital to successfully staking. The age of the coin block is measured depending on the stake weight. Stake weight is calculated by multiplying the amount of coins held in a single block by the number of days that have passed. Keeping more coins in one coin block will increase the stake weight and therefore will be more likely to stake close up to ten days. Data relies on simple arithmetic calculations.

PoW/PoS Security

You should bear in mind that the PoW alone can be prone to 51% attacks. A 51% attack takes place when a node or a network of nodes can achieve over 51% of the network hashing power with regard to a particular coin and therefore be able to control the security level of their coin. This allows for dual transactions, chain forking, and other damaging attacks. So as to launch a 51% attack on the PoS coin, the attacker needs both 51% of the network hash and a high percentage of the network stake weight. This poses a significant obstacle to potential attacks as the attacker would need to acquire the coins in some way, either by spending a lot of hashing power or by buying them. An attack on a PoS coin would not be interesting for the attacker because it would damage the coin.

Transaction Fee

0,088% + 0,000001 GCC fee is charged each time Global cryptocurrency is transferred. Those transaction fees are redistributed in the following way:
0,040% is donated to green solutions, e.g. planting trees or saving wildlife.
0,024% of transaction fee goes back to thousands of people, who believe and shared our vision at the early stages and helpd us to developed and introduce Global cryptocurrency worldwide.
0,024% is meant for company R&D purposes, especialy developing Ecosystem24 portals, implementing the merchant platform worldwide and marketing activites.

Authentic Privacy

Global cryptocurrency is dedicated to keep your coins private by using one of the most advanced cryptographic features to protect your information. We'll continue to innovate to remain the most advanced private currency on the internet. Global cryptocurrency code and deployment has been audited and the lead developer has been Proof-of-Developer verified by trusted third-parties including CryptoAsian, CryptoCertify, and Dan Metcalf.


Total supply: 2.400.000.000
Circulation Supply: 497.743.684 GCC – 21 SEPTEMBER 2017
Total company mined: 864.000.000
Total distributed: 497.743.684 GCC
Countries distributed: 118
Left to be distributed: 225.878.354
Company will hold 18% of total distribution (155.500.000) for future development (locked until 27-SEPT-2018).

Proof Of Stake

20 % until 10.04.2018 annually
18 % until 10.04.2019 annually
16 % until 10.04.2020 annually
14 % until 10.04.2021 annually
12 % until 10.04.2022 annually

Proof Of Work

0.00001 GCC – minimum to support the blockchain network Premined big blocks by the company by Proof of Work - for early distribution purpose.


We are a group of creative professionals and enthusiasts of new technologies, who decided to make our planet a better place while making our dreams come true!

The Founder, Owner and CEO of the company behind Global cryptocurrency, Jan M. Pasboel, is an accomplished business entrepreneur. He has been in manufacturing and International business operations since 1990. It was his vision to create a Community of people around a future in 3D printing.

His brother has been building, researching and developing 3D printers since 2009 and has been teaching youngsters about 3D printing for the last few years.

Our head office and 3D printing R&D center is based in the center of the Europe – Poland. You’re very welcome to visit us, if you like!



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